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Is networking working for you?:

        •  Did you know that 70% of all business leads come as a direct result of a recommendation? Yet few businesses have any sort of strategy to generate good quality referrals.
        •  While business professionals who do attend ‘networking’ events can find them hit and miss: becoming frustrated they collect lots of business cards or referral slips but little business; being disappointed by the calibre of the other attendees; or feeling uncomfortable with pressure to give referrals or an excessively rule-bound structure.

The focus at BRX Bond Street, one of the most established and highly regarded London BRX groups, is on building strong, long-term relationships – through regular weekly breakfasts plus one-to-one meetings and social events – to generate good quality recommendations and referrals. This is because we believe worthwhile referrals come when members understand each other’s businesses, are confident of each other’s expertise, and trust and like each other. However, it does take time, so while you may very well receive referrals at your first meeting, if your goal is simply to leave with lots of referral slips and business cards, we are probably not right for you. We offer the opportunity to experience grown up, professional, effective networking in a friendly, unpressured atmosphere.

Set up in 1999, BRX (Business Referral Exchange) is one of the leading names in the UK for networking and business development, with active groups nationwide. Its model of relaxed but structured weekly business networking has proven to be a highly effective way for business professionals to generate more business. Only one representative from any profession can belong to a BRX group, giving you exclusivity in your area of expertise.

If you would like to attend a BRX Bond Street meeting or have any questions please call David Coburn on 07860 162610 or email david.coburn@brxnet.co.uk There will be no pressure to join – it is a no-obligation opportunity for you to try out the BRX style of networking and see if it is right for your business, and for us to see if you are a good fit for the group.