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Perfect your 60-second business pitch

Is what you say at business networking meetings as powerful as it could be? And what about how you say it? You now have the chance to ensure your 60-second business introduction is as memorable as it should be. And sounds as impressive as it should.

International speaker and broadcaster Michael Dodd is running a three-hour masterclass on perfecting your business networking pitch. A professional camera operator will be present to film you – giving you the opportunity to see yourself as others see you, and hear yourself as others hear you.

Then – using the feedback from Michael and others in the room – you can identify what improvements can be made. And polish the way you present it. Getting your 60-second slot absolutely right is a great way to boost confidence and your ability to attract the right clients.

Your improved presentation skills will also help you get messages across in other situations – from chance encounters in elevators to presentations in the boardroom. The business pitch masterclass will be held from 9am to midday on Wednesday 29 April in the Hodges Room at the Royal Air Force Club at 128 Piccadilly, London WIJ 7PY.

Spaces are limited to twenty. The masterclass is being sponsored by BRX Bond Street, so group members are being offered a place for £32 and refreshments. For participants from outside the group it’s £65.

For more information contact Mike Nightingale on Or make a booking with Roy Duncan on Cheques can be made payable to “BRE Bond Street”.

Michael Dodd has taught presentation skills around the world – in Beijing, St Petersburg, Budapest, Lisbon, Rio de Janiero, Prague, Dubai, Helsinki, Singapore, Paris, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo. He can help your sixty seconds shine out in a way that makes your message live on – long after any networking session is over.

Bookings and further information
Tel: 01442 831921 Mobile: 07944 952835

Business – what time in the morning?

Friday 20th March 2009

Kirsty Joly from Perfectly Tempered kicks off, fresh from her holiday to tell us that Mothers Day is imminent but that she can still organise last minute chocolate orders for anyone who may have left it a bit too late. Easter is also almost upon us and is happy to take advance orders. Kirsty is looking to meet Head of Housekeeping and Hotel Managers.

Roy Duncan from RG Duncan offers recruitment solutions for Accountancy and Book Keeping Staff and is looking to meet anyone who works in Human Resources in large companies (HR Directors / Managers / Consultants), as they have the same approach and high standards to recruitment as RG Duncan.

Lewis Malka from Joseph Sterling is currently away but has Liz Ash substituting for him. Lewis, our very own Diamond Geezer informs us that gold has taken a slight dip and is recommending that we buy investment gold as there is no vat to pay. A 100 gram bar costs just £2,100.

Alexis Garnaut-Miller from the Happiness Centre is look for people trying to find their purpose and offer a range of solutions such as an osteopath for pains in the neck.

Laura Firestone from HSBC has some news from the Chief Economist – Interest rates are not going to get any better but is looking for anyone who wants a bank that offers cuddly and lovely attention, one that listens to their customers and who cares. HSBC won’t turn you away and will hold their hands. Calling all unhappy bank account holders!!!

Zoe Antin from Opus Telecom wants to meet companies that are looking to reduce costs or companies that are moving. On another note her fathers business is looking for builders and kitchen & bathroom fitters to offer them a database of people who have applied for planning permission.

Katherine Spode from Business Advise Bureau is looking for people who want to expand their business.

George Metcalfe is a Coach who deals with fit people, not ill people. Last weekend at the One Live Show, he saw 32 people. George is looking to meet anyone you know that is worried about loosing their job and want to look at what they can do next. Also any single women aged between 30-50 looking to meet a man, George is happy to give them advise.

Liz Ash is a Personal Stylist and Shopper who offers a bespoke service for outfit solutions which can save time and money with her extensive retail knowledge. Liz is looking to meet owners of boutique stores – either shop managers or buyers or large stores.

Fiona Gale from Only Connect Solutions has been marketing a new product for Professor John Marshall which has gone extremely well and is now looking to meet anyone who is launching new products or has issues in the medical field.

Karelia Scott-Daniels from Manse & Garret informed us that 93% of their business came from client referrals last year who have all been happy with the service they received SO Karelia is looking for anyone who could be a good introducers for them.

Christian Ingelsev from Danesoft offers web solutions to companies and their new e-commerce product has increased one clients business by 80%! They also offer online surveys which for a minimum of 10 people would cost just £875!

Justin Beavis from World Dive Centres is looking for handymen and plumbers for their new office in Soho.

Mike Chan from Shadow Finance can access the whole market as a broker and will also offer direct deals to clients if that is the best fit for them.

Hiten Thaker from Revolution has been doing work for Microsoft and the NHS this week. Hiten is looking for more corporate work this week.

Caroline Hampstead is a copywriter and this week is looking for anyone who writes a blog or newsletter and needs help to increase their google search optimisation and to make it interesting in the first 2 seconds!

Mike Nightingale from Green Park Insurance had a fantastic referral from Justin last week where the client was under insured by £300k and didn”t even know it – Mike put it all under one policy and even saved them money on their monthly premium!

Gavin Morton-Holmes from Destiny Plc offers a digital pen that replaces triplicate forms that companies use on a regular basis. This information goes from pen to PC immediately – like magic! Gavin is looking for commercial insurance brokers.

Jamie Denham from Sliced Bread Animation is looking for Internal Communication Managers this week and told a story of how his wife being knocked down resulted in a piece of business – weird but true!

Martin Dunne from Sayers Butterworth is looking for people who want an accountant that goes the extra mile. Martin previously helped a client at the last minute with a tax enquiry.

Mab Ayyub is away this week but Katherine Spode stood in for him. Mab is from Oliver Communications and is looking for people in IT support – they have clients that he is interested in meeting.

Paul Marmor represented Sherrards Solicitors.

Des Sutton from Man Bytes Dog is looking for companies that are growing as the complexity of their IT needs will also grow and they will need a corporate grade it solution.

Michael Sinclair from China One Call is looking for anyone who is struggling financially and wants to do business in China. The intepretor in your pocket can facilitate business deals!

George Emsden from In2Consulting is looking for anyone who has a monster pension fund as they need to apply for primary enhanced protection as there is a tax charge on surplus’ of 55%

Nearly forgot myself then……….I’m Louise Hassett from Delfont Mackintosh Theatres and I look after Corporate Hospitality and Events for 7 theatres in the west end of London – Our shows include Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia!, Calendar Girls and many more. I am looking for Concierge and Lifestyle Management Companies as I can save them money!

Thank you, and goodnight! xxx

Friday the 13th

On this, the second of three unlucky Fridays this year, Mike Chan of Shadow Finance kicked us off with the chilling news that there are less than 10% of the mortgage deals on offer now than there were this time last year. Mike is looking for folks having difficulties securing a mortgage in the light of that news.

Richard Houldsworth of Splatt Print, still worryingly too excited about his new machine, has been working with hotels and start-ups and wants more of the latter please.

Hiten Thakker of Revolution wants people rebranding, particularly if “their current branding is pants”.

Sanjeev Shah from HSBC may need to be more specific as he wants to speak to anyone currently not happy with their bank, which would currently include most of the population of the developed world, with the exception of HSBC clients. Sanjeev would like switchers.

Roy Duncan of RG Duncan tells us the key to his success in recruiting top accountancy staff is his guarantees of ability, suitability and sustainability. He would like to speak with HR Managers and HR Directors.

Alexis Garnaut-Miller of the Happiness Centre is majoring on onsite massage this week as a way of bringing happiness to the workplace. She would like to speak with HR Managers, Facilities Managers and Office Managers of call centres with 25 or more staff.

Paul Marmor presented Sherrards Solicitors to the group.

Gavin Morton-Holmes is looking to reduce the huge amount of litigation spend by construction companies by way of his Destiny plc digital pen and paper solution. He would like to speak with contacts at RIBA, RICS and CIBSE. Any other acronyms are welcome if there is the chance of a sale at the end of it.

Zoe Antin of Opus Telecom is looking for moving, growing or struggling companies and would like to discuss how she can save them money through their telephone systems. More on Zoe in our full colour supplement Zoe’s Ten Minutes.

Karelia Scott-Daniels of Manse & Garret Property Search told us how she has recently found for a client a 2 bedroom property, soon to be 3 bedroom, in Marylebone for just £485,000! I said I’d lost one and could she check for my name stitched inside.

Roy Block from Suits to Your Door will do exactly what he says on the tin. 35 years of experience will come to your office and home, and you should save around £100 off the price. His suits look great, but Richard Houldsworth is no Kate Moss.

Louise Mevillot told us how Sayers Butterworth are the accountants of your past, present and future and she would like to speak to anyone not getting value from using one of the top 30 accountancy firms.

Leigh Caldwell of Inon was Christian Ingerslev for just one minute. Christian’s Danesoft will survey your customers or your suppliers about anything you would like to know, starting at just £875. Christian would like to speak with anyone you know in the IT or Web teams at schools or universities.

George Metcalfe took a chance with a bloke called Clifford over lunch. His esteemed lawyer lunch companion made George realize that even the top earners in banking, City and law firms are worried about losing their jobs. George would like to meet anyone you know who is worried about their future. He is the Swiss Army Knife they may need.

Lewis Melka of Joseph Sterling is looking for women to host his swapping parties. Lewis is looking at running events in people’s homes, where guests can bring their unwanted jewellery and swap it for cash. Lewis is now our Hatton Garden Tupperware Geezer.

Louise Hassett of Delfont Mackintosh Theatres is looking for concierge or lifestyle management companies to bring their clients for a Carling Black Label with titled members of the theatrical world.

Teresa Kwok is looking for magazines and publishers who may have need for China One Call‘s interpretation or translation services.

Neera Menon was Kirsty Joly for just one minute. Kirsty is looking for advertising agencies who may want to use her Perfectly Tempered chocolates for clients. She also reminded us that it is Mother’s Day on Sunday – petrol stations open at 7am. Most importantly, as she was still in Lalaland, she missed us all.

Mike Nightingale of Green Park Insurance reduces admin and cost for clients who have a portfolio of assets to insure. Cars, homes, holiday homes, boats, jewellery – Mike has it all! He would like to meet more people like himself.

Mike Dodd from Michael Dodd Media trains people in how to present themselves well to the media. Mike is currently offering his training in bitesize chunks of two hours at a time, and invites you to send prospects to him for a nibble.

Fiona Gale isn’t interested in switching off lights or turning down your heating to reduce carbon emissions. Well she is, but Only Connect Solutions is particularly interested in working with clients who want to offset their carbon footprint by supporting voluntary projects in the developing world.

Jamie Denham told us how the machine to make sliced bread wasn’t put to use until 15 years after it was invented! Until that point, there was no comparison for how good a new thing was. Sliced Bread Animation would like to speak with companies who would like to make more of their marketing assets through story-telling.

David Coburn of BRX is looking for a free lunch. Or rather a free seat at a networking lunch event or two. Has no-one told him this networking thing just doesn’t work?!

Mab Ayyub is looking for builders and gardeners. Olive Communications specializes in mobile phones and Blackberry devices. Mab can save builders money and can help gardeners put more in their hedge funds.

Caroline Hampstead is a copywriter with a wealth of experience in websites, brochures and TV ads. She would like to speak with ad agencies, design companies and any company looking at producing newsletters.

Leigh Caldwell was then himself for 6o seconds, and for the foreseeable future. Inon has developed a Customer Value Management system, which allows its users to factor in the psychology of buying decisions when pricing their goods and services.

Neera Menon and her team at Educogym are in the business of getting people in shape and giving them more energy. The positive effects of Educogym extend far outside the physical, and in these trying times, that might be just what the doctor ordered.

Zoe Antin of Opus Telecom then delighted us with her ten minute presentation, deserving of a large bottle of champagne – perhaps a Magnum Opus? Zoe told us that she is a Seimens specialist. As such, she is not merely a reseller who could offer you a broad range of products at the expense of any real expertise. No, our Zoe knows her stuff, and what she does know has taken two years to accumulate. Opus is coming up ten years old, and a mark of the quality service that sets them apart is the high percentage of clients they have retained over the years. Opus supplies phone systems, structured cabling, plus calls and access. Opus sells systems that are ready for ‘next step’ improvements – when new stuff technology arrives, their kit is already to deal with it. Finally, great aftercare sets Opus apart. If you sign up with Zoe, Zoe looks after you for the duration. Isn’t that the stuff dreams are made of?

Looking good in the morning?

Very full group this week with absentees well covered with guest and visitors. Mike Nightingale starts with his usual introductions and explanation of the morning’s proceedings. Louise Hassett takes over Kirsty’s role whilst she’s away, telling us about the guests and subs, and apologises on behalf of those who cannot attend.

Caroline Hampstead kicks off the 1-minute round and she’s been busy doing all things copywriting including some wok for Nuffield Health. Caroline is looking for intro’s into design agencies and advertising agencies this week.

Fiona Gale from Only Connect Solutions is in the party mood and busy organising a a fund raising event for a charity, she’s putting on the works with A-list ‘slebs et all. Fiona’s is looking for introductions to charities.

Pardon what did you say? Ooops sorry George, as a coach you always need great listening skills.

Mav from Neath Films subs for Michael Sinclair from China One Call this week, Michael is looking for intro’s into Doctor and Dental practices. Mike Nightingale is up next and its that same old story where most of his time is taken up by peeps being under insured, under their existing policy. Mike is looking for referral to people who may fit this category and needs an insurance review.

Neera from Educo Gym is subbing for Kirsty Joly from Perfectly Tempered, who kindly reminds us she is having a lovely holiday.. and also that Mothers Day is around the corner, so get your choccy orders in now! Mab from Olive Communications is looking for people who are experiencing lies, deceit and shocking customer service. He’s looking for people who are getting this from their current provider and instead want the warm friendly service his company offers.

Resident ‘Expert Printer’ Richard Houldsworth from Splatt Print has been helping hotels reduce their printing costs this week, he is also looking for referrals with franchisees for his easy to use web2print solution.

Visitor Neil Roberts from Partners With You Ltd, has a team of actors who will work with you to appear confident when presenting. He did this recently by helping a team of architects prepare for a pitch (which they eventually won). For those of of you wondering, Neil is also an actor himself and had a recurring role in ‘Charmed’. Next up is another visitor, Antionette from The QI Investment . . . offering us a piece of paradise, she’s looking for investors.

Hiten Thaker from Revolution Creative is very busy at the moment working on schools project involving Microsoft, he is designing an interactive CD that explains the process. George Emsden from IN2 Consulting chooses a ‘red-top’ topical subject to kick-off his 1-minute, where we don’t all have the fortune of Jade Goody to help us when we are seriously ill, but having a Critical Illness insurance policy would help.

Alexis from the Happiness Centre reminds us that 30% of absenteeism in the workplace is due to back pain. The Happiness Centre offer solutions for getting you or your staff ‘s ‘back’ into work, with a smile on their face!

Back to fibs, lies and deceit, this time from Roy at RG Duncan Associates, sorry, no, scrap that.. its actually from some of the CV’s he’s getting. Roy is a qualified accountant himself so he can weed out the liers and offer his clients top quality candidates for accountancy positions. Maintaining a financial theme, Tarik from HSBC is looking for intro’s into the fortunate people with over £50K’s worth of liquid assets.

Liz Ash a ‘Person styling and shopping’ expert subs for Lewis Malka from Joseph Sterling ‘your friendly Hatton Garden Jeweller’ he’s looking to turn your gold into hard cash – right now. Louise Hassett from Delfont Mackintosh Theatres asks specifically for intros into people offering a unique theatre experience as rewards or incentives.

I won’t mention the ‘slot filling’, but Gavin MH from Destiny plc is up next. Who’d like to borrow £6k from him and get back £600K in 3-years time? His vibrating magic pen does just the trick – is that right Gavin? Zoe from Opus Telecom is looking for (business) movers and shakers, growers and shrinkers to deliver a cost effective Siemens system for them.

Justin Beavis from Justin Beavis Associates is looking for the meaning of life (in other areas), he’d like to meet people who live in Derby, Blackpool or Hertfordshire to understand what life is like where they live, this for some infrastructure projects he’s working on.

Karelia from Manse and Garret Property Search tells us that property is on the up in Hackney (0.1% apparently), and she’ looking for referrals from non-UK residents looking to invest in the UK – there are some great bargains out there!

Next up is me – Jamie from Sliced Bread Animation and I’m looking for intros into traditional design agencies who are moving further into the digital sector. We have over 10 years experience and a wealth of knowledge of online processes, that adds value to any project – our ideas never go stale!

Christian from Danesoft is on a mission to meet up with advertising agencies to explain his unique survey system. This unique solution is a one-off purchase and helps evaluate customer opinions and project successes.

Finally BRX founder Michael Stern tells us of BRX’s expansion into India with the Mumbai group kicking of its first meeting, with Nigeria soon to follow.

Finally I’ll end with today’s gallery picture by resident artist Gavin Morton-Holmes (from his 10-minute presentation), his unique approach to bird design is something to be admired. A true inspiration to us all . . . Actually he was demonstrating the unique aspect of his ‘magic pen’, and the significant ROI that can be made.

In his words:

I am not actually allowed to sell a dp&p solution unless I can prove a compelling ROI to the prospect client. Unless I can show someone considerable, tangible savings or increased revenue, I have to walk away. Which, if you think about it, means I never sell anything – unless it’s a no-brainer, we don’t do it.

BRX 27/2/2009

Hi Everyone!

This week Gavin M H from Destiny Plc started off the 60 second round with a questionably amusing joke (sorry Gav) about venison followed by a serious request for anyone we know that is a software developer working with Commercial Insurance Brokers.

Jonny Mindlin from Green Shoot and Audio Production Company, made a welcome return subbing for Michael Sinclair of China Once Call who was at an exhibition in Birmingham and is looking for any contacts we may have abroad to help him set up international agencies. Jonny was looking for training managers in large organizations as most of his work is in the learning arena.

George Emsden our resident Finance Doctor wants to speak to couples in mixed domicile marriages to help them with inheritance tax, while Roy Duncan from RG Duncan Recruitment, fresh from a busy February is looking for Russian Accountants.

Sanjeev Shah from HSBC had a good tip for all of us suggesting we visit the Knowledge Centre on HSBC’s website where we can find great advice on networking and business planning.

Richard from Splatt Print is excited about his new machine (!) which gives his clients a faster and better quality service and urges us to market our way out of the recession! Meanwhile, Des Sutton for MBD is looking for other IFA’s that he can help out after doing an excellent support job for an exisitng customer.

Paul Marmor presented Sherrards Solicitors to the group and I requested any contacts you may have of businesses that are moving offices or expanding to help with their telephony needs.

Lovely Louise from Delfont Mackintosh reminds us that if we need ticket ideas for events other than the theatre she can still help, and Lewis from Joseph Sterling advised us to hand over any old gold or jewellry pieces so he can make us something fabulous from it.

George Metcalfe likened himself to a Swiss Army Knife – with all the tools he has he is able to get people to where they need to be and that’s what makes him the best Coach around!

Fiona Gale from Only Connect Solutions is working closely with the Telegraph and their Beat the Recession campaign. She is looking for companies that are keen in having a UK presence and branding in the Telegraph.

Fiona also bought along a great guest – Maverick Litchfield-Kelly an Independant Producer. Maverick was looking for companies keen to make corporate films as he has a wealth of experience in producing training and marketing films for staff and websites.

Susan Mumford joined us as a sub for Karelia of Manse and Garrat Property Services who highlights that it is a buyers market and wants any contacts we may have for cash rich property developers or anyone getting a divorce. Susan of Mumford Fine Art, a roof top gallery in Soho, informs us that she is taking part in the Affordable Art Fair and asks who do we know who is decorating a house or office.

Kirsty Joly of Perfectly Tempered gives us the best news of the morning – that she needs us to taste some new recipes yum yum! She is also looking for Wedding Planners. Bringing more happiness, Alexis from The Happiness Centre would like any contacts for Westminster Council.

Jamie Denham from Sliced Bread advised us that animation is a great way to illustrate processes and systems and is looking for companies that want to jazz up their powerpoint presentations.

Mab from Olive Communcations is straight to the point asking us who do we know that is tight! He does back this up with an explanation though, telling us about a great tariff fresh on the maket to lower your mobile spend.

Christian Ingeslev from Danesoft specialising in websites and surveys is looking for membership clubs, while Caroline Hampstead our resident copywriter (please dont hate me for my mixed tenses!!) has been busy writing scripts for Radio, TV, websites and brochures and wants to be put in touch with Advertising and Design agencies.

Mike Chan from Shadow Finance confirms that has been launched and is useful for property owners wanting some assurance whilst prices are dropping.

And finally, our lovely Chairman Mike Nightingale from Green Park Insurance gives us a case study of a client with property throughout the world that he helped get a single policy for and is looking for other international jet setters that he can provide the same top-notch service.

That is it everyone. apologies for any mistakes its been a bit of a mad rush this week! See you bright and early on Friday!

Zoe x

Tancroft Communications

An average of between 2,000 and 3,000 voice and data communications users upgrade or switch to Tancroft Communications each month and over 95% then recommend us without prompting for the following reasons:

  • Reduced costs of doing business
  • Free and impartial advice and help 24 hours of the day, every day of the year. mails and texts are answered within the hour, phones answered instantly and new and replacement handsets are delivered same day or within 24 hours.
  • Your own personal account manager and specially tailored communications solution – whatever the size of your business and whether you are interested in convergence or the just the best current solution for your budget.
  • Jargon-free deals from leading voice and data operators, – we have close relationships with many strong business partners and numerous tariff options.

Tancroft Communications has amazingly high staff retention; many of its staff have been with the company since its inception in 2002 and it has had zero turnover in the last 12 months. Its staff may include industry leaders but at Olive, everyone contributes to decision making. Whatever their job title, all staff are kept totally up to speed with all products and services, empowering them to be extra responsive to customers.

Tancroft Communications delivers voice and data communications solutions to a wide range of customers, from Channel 5, NASDAQ, the YMCA, Filofax, Birmingham City Football Club, The Council of Mortgage Lenders, the International Bar Association, the Spanish Embassy, the Liberal Democrats and the pop group, Snow Patrol, to charities such as Age Concern, public sector organisations including Unison and Gateshead NHS Trust, educational establishments such as Bournmouth University and small local businesses spanning all industries. The high level of service offered ensures that the company enjoys an exceptionally high retention and referral rate.

Whether you want a mobile solution to check your email, surf the internet or simply make a call at home or at work, Tancroft Communications will help. You can trust us to choose the best mobile tariff to meet your business needs and arrange everything quickly and efficiently, from current handset and tariff choice to planning for the future and convergence. We will also get you new or replacement handsets within 24 hours if required.

Mab Ayyub 
Tancoft Communications
48a Monmouth Street
Covent Garden
Tel: 0207 557 9809
Fax: 0207 240 9713
Mobile: 07775658777 or 07748650070


Tancroft Communications Ltd is Registered in England, Company Reg. No. 00903206.
Registered Address 48a Monmouth Street, London, WC2H 9EP

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