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A rare sighting, some chocolate & a harmonica

After our usual formalities which included a shorter than normal queue for the wonderful Friday morning breakfast, it was off with the 60 second round. Starting off this week was Paul Marmor who presented Sherrards Solicitors to the group, and told us that they can help in all criminal matters.

A rare early sighting this morning was Hiten Thaker from Revolution. He has been a good boy this week and managed to turn up early, thus being second in the sixty-second round. He is looking for the branding communications and marketing managers in large companies.

Alexis Garnaut-Miller from the Happiness Centre is look for therapists to train at the happiness centres very own stress management programmes.

Gavin Morton-Holmes from Destiny Plc offers a digital pen that replaces triplicate forms that companies use on a regular basis. This information goes from pen to PC immediately – like magic! Gavin is looking for commercial insurance brokers.

Lewis Malka of Joseph Sterling is looking for couples that are getting engaged. He told us today that there are still plenty of people who forget about their wedding rings until the last minute. It is not unheard of for him to get a phone call on Thursday from clients who are getting married on the weekend panicking that they forgot to sort out their rings. Unbelievable, but true! What a rock.

The beautiful blue eyed, curly haired Louise Hassett of Delfont Mackintosh Theatres is looking for contacts at Nikon hospitalities to offer their wonderful packages to. In particular Calendar Girls, which has just opened in one of their theatres. Meet the cast with champagne. Let her entertain you.

Our Chairman Mike Nightingale of Green Park Insurance gave a wonderful example of a client who spent a long time on the comparison websites, checking and unchecking boxes, only to find that the variables did not match what he was looking for. “If you would have called me earlier” said Mike, “I could have saved you a lot of time”. Here ends the lesson!

Fiona Gale of Only Connect Solutions, marketing and communications agencies with a strong slant on corporate social responsibility. Her company advises businesses across a whole range of industry sectors on how to set themselves apart and effectively communicate their offering. Only Connect work with strategic partners and bring in industry experts appropriate to each project; they are also very well connected with government and the press (The Sunday Times and The Telegraph to mention just two). Does their approach work? YES.

Caroline Hampstead, our dark haired diva, is a copywriter, and this week is looking for marketing and communications companies who need to condense their blurb into 160 characters for a short and to the point effective campaign.

Christian Ingelsev from Danesoft is looking for introductions to people who run camps for kids. He believes the best way for these companies to find out more about their clients, is for them to have surveys in place.

Jamie Denham from Sliced Bread Animation is looking for people who want to reinvent their products. Thus saving expense in launching new products that haven’t been tested yet. Also an introduction into Branding Agencies would be great.

Kirsty Joly from Perfectly Tempered, the tasty chocolatier with a soft centre is looking for something a bit different this week. She and a friend of hers want to be put in touch with someone who can teach them to play the harmonica. We look forward to a rendition very soon!

David Coburn of BRX is a welcome addition to this mornings meeting. He was telling us about some great industries that have joined BRX in his different groups such as opticians and telephone answering companies. This week he is looking for a travel agent to join our Bond Street group.

Sadly there was no George Metcalfe this week. He took a well-earned brake in Spain and had the beautiful Bianca standing in for him. She informed us that George would help anyone looking for a confidant to speak to.

Roy Duncan from RG Duncan offers recruitment solutions for Accountancy and Book Keeping Staff and is looking to meet people who have a business to sell. He has contacts who are looking to buy and can put them in touch with each other.

George Emsden from In2Consulting is looking to help people who have had bad news in the family. If you know anyone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer, and they need some financial advise, put them in touch with George.

Michael Sinclair from China One Call is looking for companies who need their Health & Safety guidelines translated into Chinese. Also people who want their website translated into Chinese. They may not want to attract clients from that part of the world, but as a tip, it will help improve your Google ranking.

We had the pleasure of the pretty representative of HSBC this week Laura Firestone. She is looking for any retailers who use a PDQ terminal. She would like to contact them and offer to review their tariffs with a view of offering them a better rate and a better service through her bank.

If you are going away for business or pleasure, then speak to Mab Ayyub from Olive Communications. The thing we all dread is coming home to a large phone bill as a result of international roaming. A good example of how to save money would be to send an mms instead of an sms as these can be half the price. Thanks for the tip.

Our accountant we can count on Martin Dunne from Sayers Butterworth is looking for people who want an accountant that goes the extra mile. He is looking for owners of businesses who are looking to review their accountants and want someone to take the over the running of their books so they can concentrate on running their business.

And finally it was our very own Richard Houldsworth of Splatt Print who gave us a very lively and interactive 10-minute presentation this morning. The winners received a bar of horrible chocolate. He would be very interested in helping newly engaged and soon to be married couples sort out some unique wedding stationery all at cost effective pricing due to their in house print factory. However the bulk of his presentation was taken up explaining the difference in litho and digital printing and how a new tool on the market for large manufacturing companies, who produce brochures, can help small businesses by having a web to print account. This enables the small business to order the manufacturers brochure with their logo and name on in small quantities so they stand out from their competition. An excellent and informative presentation!
Lets all make a big effort to bring Richard more referrals next week.

Our referral round this week brought in 39 referrals. A good number considering there were a few absentees without a sub. Make sure that during the week you make an effort to follow up on those referrals. The person is expecting your call and is waiting to hear from you.

Well all that’s left is for me to say is Ciao. Until we meet next week though, I would like to leave you with a thought which I hope will inspire you.
“The world is what you think of it. So think of it differently and your life will change”.

I think I have RSI!

Well thanks to Caroline for my prompt yesterday – if I hadn’t had it this blog would not have happened!

Sanjeev Shah opened the floor (in my head as he was definitely the one to my left) he’s from the good old HSBC and wants to spread some bank love to businesses from start ups to £25 million turnover bad boys. They offer true business support and plenty of attention, which means they understand their customers needs. Who do you know who is not happy with their bank? refer them to Sanjeev!

Caroline Hampstead is a copywriter and this week is looking for anyone in design agencies / Ad Agencies as she’s been working with a team of accountants sort their website out. Its mad to think that these guys were specialists in the hospitality sector, but none of this was on their website. In comes Caroline to save the day and help them get more clients just by having better more targeted copy content.

Christian Ingelsev from Danesoft offers easy to use web sites and top quality survey’s (they can either supply the software to companies or manage the whole thing for you at a very competitive rate). When you ask the right questions then you have all the information you need to get the results you are looking for – Christian can help you and wants to speak to schools and government departments.

Now its all gone pear shaped – can’t remember who was next so here goes….

Kirsty Joly from Perfectly Tempered, the amazing chocolatier with a mould for everything (recently talked to a construction recruitment company HR recruitment about a chocolate tool box – there’s definitely a joke there but I’ll keep it clean this week!). Kirsty is looking for introductions to companies who want a gimmick / have a quirky look they want, and wow their clients in unusual shaped chocolate delights.

Lewis Malka from Joseph Sterling is currently away but has Liz Ash substituting for him. Lewis, our very own Diamond Geezer informs us that all that glitters is always gold! In these hard times speak to Lewis who will create something wonderful out of your scrap jewelry or if your hard up for a few quid then hand over a wad of cash to you in exchange (depending obviously on the weight and quality of said gold).

Roy Duncan from RG Duncan offers recruitment solutions for all types of Accountancy and Book Keeping Staff and is looking to meet anyone who works in Human Resources in large companies (HR Directors / FDs / Consultants).

Alexis Garnaut-Miller from the Happiness Centre got us all to stretch which helps with concentration…………………… now what was I doing ahhhh yes stretching… (note to one’s self must stretch more). Alexis is looking for introductions in to HR / Learning & Development departments in Westminister / Ealing Councils.

Zoe Antin from Opus Telecom a Siemens specialist and BT provider wants to speak to anyone moving / relocating and growing or with BT already. As well as exceptional service they could save some companies money – up to £400 per qtr depending on the size of the company.

George Metcalfe is a Coach who helps people to realize that some things never happen again so you better make the most of the time you’ve got! George can help people to build a road map and understand where they can get to. If you know of anyone who is a bit unsure about their direction in life then get them to speak to George.

Liz Ash is a Personal Stylist and Shopper who can be hired as a present for a partner or someone special. Treat that person to some real one to one advice on how to look and feel a million dollars. Liz is looking for people from all walks of life from Barristers to Students who just need that helping hand with their wardrobe.

Fiona Gale from Only Connect Solutions has been working with The Sunday Times and kindly showed us the 6 page article that they helped to get published. Only Connect Solutions are about having the right connections in the right places so companies can have their message delivered to the right audience – award winning writers like Richard Girling sit within the OCS circle of contacts.

Justin Beavis from World Dive Centres is looking for a trophy cabinet to house the potential award for their building in Dubai. Architects have put forward WDC and they have been shortlisted from 200 to just three – go go World Dive Centres we’re all cheering for you!!

Hiten Thaker from Revolution is now on the shortlist of design agencies for KISS FM – being one of just three companies demonstrates how Revolution go above and beyond when they take on brand and design work for their clients. Hiten is looking for anyone looking to rebrand.

Mike Nightingale from Green Park Insurance ensures clients buildings are correctly insured in case of rebuild – as they fully understand about how much money it costs to replace period properties + listed buildings they are the experts to refer people to when it comes to private insurance needs.

Gavin Morton-Holmes from Destiny Plc offers a digital pen that replaces triplicate forms that companies use on a regular basis. This week his company helped Car dealerships add hundreds of thousands of pounds (£48 average per car) on their revenue by sending data to the marketing department that is captured when cars in in for their service.

Jamie Denham from Sliced Bread Animation couldn’t make it but was well represented. Jamie’s company is looking to help companies that are drowning in powerpoint – Sliced-bread can alleviate the boredom of presentations by helping to capture and keep the audience tuned in with the aid of animation.

Louise at Sayers Butterworth is looking for people who want an accountant that goes the extra mile and offer advice on how to run a successful business.

Mab Ayyub from Oliver Communications has two new service offerings as well as his usual quality mobile phone supplies. The first is

Paul Marmor could not attend as he was away but Mark represented Sherrards Solicitors.

Michael Sinclair from China One Call is looking for anyone wants to do business in China. The intepretor in your pocket can facilitate business deals in Maderine / English to make your business an even bigger success!

George Emsden from In2Consulting is looking for anyone who has a monster pension fund as they need to apply for primary enhanced protection as there is a tax charge on surplus’ of 55%

Louise Hassett from Delfont Mackintosh Theatres looks after Corporate Hospitality and Events for 7 theatres in the west end of London – Our shows include Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia!, Calendar Girls and many more. Louise is looking for people who want to spoil their loved ones (like me!).

We also had Daniel Broadhead from Inon – software that does something I couldn’t understand

Carmen Morris Coulson from Plan for life – a life style assistant

Chris Yates from his Boat hire company – they can hire anything from 30ft to super-sized beasts

John Hamilton from Eq Studios – Sound overs and recording studio… what a mix.. get it!

That just leaves me… Richard and Splatt Print – we are the best’ist printers in the world. Mixing quality and passion to make the perfect personal print.

Des Sutton from Man Bytes Dog could not attend

Mike Chan from Shadow Finance could not attend

Karelia Scott-Daniels from Manse & Garret couldn’t be with us I’m afraid

Lastly we are after new members so remember to invite guests – make sure you run them past Kirsty first. Last, lastly we are considering sponsoring a charity – we thought about Young Enterprise / Prince’s Trust. We are also going to invite a young entrepreneur from each organization each month for the opportunity to join in our breakfast and experience real business life.

Right off to the doctor now and get signed off for two weeks with RSI!

Have a great weekend

BRX Social Spring Drinks

Last Wednesday evening, members of BRX Bond Street met up at Waxy’s Little Sister in Soho for a social event organised by Louise Hassett from Delfont Mackintosh Theatres and our social secretary Christian Ingerslev. It was a fun gathering with over half the group attending and much wine flowing! Looking forward to Summer Drinks everyone!

Alexis and Hiten enjoy the social drinks

Are you going to the bar? says Mike

Drinking 2 drinks at once is normal, right?

Kirsty helps Gavin with his make-up

Babies & Rottweilers

Quite a few absences this week so lots of elbow room especially at my end sitting near our 10 minute presenter – litigator, Gemma Newing of Sherrards solictors “Is everyone afraid of me?” she asks quietly, to which I suspect the answer ought to be yes, but only if you are bad. With less than 24 hours notice, she gives an excellent presentation backing it up with hard copies of PowerPoint slides, very useful for what can be quite a complicated subject. Main point is “know your client” i.e. What is their business like? Do they operate out of smart offices or a dungeon? Where do the directors live? Know who you are dealing with before they owe you thousands. Have an up to date Terms of Business including an interest clause on late payment.

Chatting to Paul Ffitch, Tax Partner of Sayers Butterworth accountants on the way in to the RAF Club, he mentions that the end of tax year is almost a non-event with the really busy time being 31 January. From 6th April, people earning over £100k will lose their Personal Allowance at the rate of £1 for each £2 income over £100k and the other half of their Personal Allowance at the rate of £1 for each £1 over earnings £140k. In simple language, this equals a top Income Tax Rate of 60 per cent (who said Old Labour was dead?) but a single pension contribution can avoid this N.B. this has to come from earned income – not dividends.

Notable absentee is Gavin Morton-Holmes of the intelligent pen people, who at 2 a.m. became the proud dad of a second child for whom he has dreams of being a great footballer. Substitute and well-known soundman Johnny Mindlin dutifully delivers the 60 seconds but has designs on the lad’s two-legged talents being directed to a different football team! Dad better buy the right team shirt in good time for the christening.

As always, diamond geezer Lewis Malka of gives an excellent 60 seconds with a story of an engagement which was on one week, off on the Saturday and “is alright now!” a couple of days later. He leaves attractive printed leaflets furnished by Richard Houldsworth of at about 24 hours notice reminding us of the hidden value in old jewellery etc. Richard also gives a testimonial for Louise Hassett, Corporate Sales Manager of who arranged very nice tickets for a couple’s anniversary. Her own 60 seconds records a 95 year old gentleman seeing Avenue Q and they are doing lots of big birthdays at the moment. Avenue Q while finished now, will be back in June at a different theatre as Calendar Girls takes over at the Noel Coward theatre

Diver Mick CEO of subbing for Justin Beavis reminds us that WDC is 2 years old and that they need a web person for whom I am happy to refer a client of mine, who did an excellent job improving my own site. Yours Truly’s 60 seconds recounts the story of a lady I met yesterday at one of my regular pension surgeries. After 12 years in teaching she has made a career change and has a 12 month contract with her new employer, thus being ineligible for any Employer’s pension contibution. After a 20 minute chat, I am able to send her a recommendation that afternoon showing the likely fund from the contibution she can afford. The company I recommend has charges of around 0.7% p.a. compared to others where they are nearly 2% p.a. – all of which can make a huge difference to the size of her pension fund at 65.

Fiona Gale of is working with charities and trustees to increase the return on their marketing. One charity dealing with mother and baby health & fertility ends up with a link to Dove soap. A chat in the interval reveals that her business is very much driven by ROI rather than a touchy feely (dare I say, guilt driven?) approach. A 1:1 meeting is obviously overdue. Her adventure holiday in India in November is already well-subscribed with two people from BRX Bond Street going.

Alexis of points out that how we sit at our laptops affects our efficiency and her trained staff know how to adjust office furniture so work is more comfortable & thereby more productive. Workplace assessments are their bread & butter work and as her strap line says, If you spot stress, the answer is Happiness!

For the Diary.

No meeting next week Good Friday 10th April.

Committee meeting following one 17th April @ 09.15 hrs

60 second presentation workshop £35 with video feedback 29th April with

All Day Social event 21st May – Details (e.g. Belgium, France or whatever) from survey guru, Christian Ingerslev of to follow shortly

Have good weekend 🙂

George Emsden