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An animated meeting


This morning’s breakfast meeting had the following subs and guests:

Rebecca Hill was subbing for Zoe Antin of Opus Telecom
Liz Marsh was subbing for Richard Houldsworth of Splat Print
Colleague Anna-Maria Aller was subbing for Paul Marmor of Sherrards Solicitors
Johnny Mindlin was subbing for Gavin Morton Holmes of Destiny

New members

Nigel Hakkak of Red Brick Financial Services was welcomed as a new member to the group. Nigel specialises in mortgage broking.

The 60-second round

Johnny Mindlin, subbing for Gavin Morton Holmes of Destiny
Gavin is looking for referrals to companies or organisations that have staff filling in forms away from the office; he is particularly interested in introductions to asset finance companies or car dealerships.

Anna-Maria Aller, subbing for Paul Marmor of Sherrards Solicitors. Anna-Maria presented Sherrards, a law firm with offices in St. Albans and Central London.

Rebecca Hill, subbing for Zoe Antin of Opus Telecom
Zoe is looking for referrals to companies that have staff who work from home or are mobile. She is particularly interested in introductions to large franchise operations or companies moving offices.

George Emsden, In2 Consulting
George told a story of how a lady developed cancer to demonstrate how things in life can change. He encouraged everybody to make a list of the insurance policies or cover they currently have in place and then discuss it with him to see how cover could be optimised.

Liz Marsh, subbing for Richard Houldsworth
Liz presented Splat Print, a specialist printing firm based near Old Street in London.

Louise Hassett, Delfont Mackintosh Theatres
Louise would like to receive referrals to people, companies or organisations that are interested in entertaining at one of DM’s theatres.

Kirsty Joly, Perfectly Tempered
Kirsty told everyone how she has been successfully working with Tom Harrow to host high quality chocolate and wine tasting events. She would like referrals to people, companies or organisations that would be interested in holding similar type events.

Hiten Thaker, Revolution Creative Agency
This week Hiten is specifically looking for referrals to PR or marketing companies that outsource design work.

Mab Ayuub, Olive Telecommunications
Olive Telecommunications is a mobile phone specialist. Mab is looking for referrals to people, organisations or companies that travel to Europe a lot (e.g. Haulage, sales reps, etc).

Alexis Garnaut-Miller, The Happiness Centre
Alexis is looking for referrals or introductions to people that work in mobile phone call centres to explore the provision of osteopath lead workplace assessments.

Roy Duncan, RG Duncan Accountancy Recruitment
Roy is looking for introductions to companies or businesses that are not too happy about how their accountancy department is being lead.

Nigel Hakkek, Red Brick Financial
Given possible signs of recovery in the homebuying market for first-time-buyers, Nigel is looking for introductions to anyone looking to buy their first home.

Mike Nightingale, Green Park Insurance
Mike is looking for introductions to people requiring specialist property insurance that would perhaps not be covered by usual insurance policies, for example, thatched houses or homeowners undertaking more than £15k work of renovations.

Phil, HSBC
Phil is looking for introduction to commercial customers that are not entirely satisfied with their current banking arrangements.

Jamie Denham, Sliced Bread Animation
Jamie was doing his 10 minute presentation this morning.

Caroline Hampstead, Copywriter
Caroline explained how she makes things ‘readable’ and some of her recent work. She would like to meet marketing managers of companies or organisations.

Christian Ingerslev, Danesoft
Danesoft specislises in designing websites and undertaking online surveys. He says to look out for the new BRX survey coming out.

Justin Beavis, World Dive Centres
Justin spoke briefly about how World Dive Centres will be renamed Unvisited World from 1 June. He is looking for introductions to people involved with economic development and tourism for resorts and destinations.

Des Sutton, Man Bites Dog
Man Bites Dog is a provider of IT services to small and medium sized companies. Des would like to meet anyone who works for an IFA with 10-30 employees. He would also like introductions to companies or people that have an influence in the design of IT solutions for companies.

The 10 minute presentation
The presentation was delivered by Jamie Denham of Sliced Bread Animation. He showed us animated videos of three projects that Sliced Bread Animation has recently been involved in.

(1) the first video was created for a high street retail bank to market their new investments products,

(2) the second was developed to market a new form of medication

(3) the third was created for a manufacturer of household products to support with communicating changes to the global business to staff internally.

For some of these clips, Sliced Bread were simply provided with a soundtrack and asked to design the animation around it. All three videos were created for blue chip clients.

Any other business
The BRX Bond Street Away Day to Brussels will be taking place on Thursday, 28 May. Everyone taking part was reminded that they need to be in the Eurostar terminal by about 06.20. The train leaves at 06.59!!!

A full house & a jam packed blog!

Kicking off this morning was our regular sub Liz Ash standing in for Mab Ayyub from Olive Communications. Mab is looking for local YMCA contacts as he already has a couple on his books.

Richard Houldsworth from Splatt Print offers choice in all things print and is looking for contacts at Churches to create postcards and greeting cards for them to sell.

Anouch Sedef is a Solicitor from Bargate Murray and is a guest from BRX Bloomsburytoday. Anouch is looking for contacts in embassies.

Anoushka Caro from I need a PA now provides pa’s by the hour for diary management, travel arrangements. Looking for financial companies.

Des Sutton from Man Bites Dogoffers IT support and solutions to make things work. He is currently dealing with companies in Abu Dhabi, Gibraltar & Spain. Des is looking for companies with offices abroad.

Nigel Hakkak from is a mortgage broker and is looking for Estate Agents.

Our resident Diamond Geezer, Lewis Malka from Joseph Sterling read out a testimonial from a previous client. Lewis is looking for people thinking about getting engaged or getting married soon.

George Emsden from In2Consulting is the groups’ Money Doctor – he is looking for companies that might be making redundancies or companies wanting to review their pensions and employee benefits.

Johnny Mindlin subbed for Gavin Morton-Holmes from Destiny Plc who is looking to be introduced to Chartered Surveyors. Even when Gavin is not there, the jokes keep coming….

Richard Price from Seqcur is looking for solicitors or any one in the legal profession.

Jamie Denham from Sliced Bread Animation is looking for Marketing Managers in Technology companies.

Caroline Hamstead (Copywriter) is looking for Ad/Design agencies and marketing companies

Christian Ingerslev from Danesoft creates websites and online surveys.

Paul Marmor presented Sherards Solicitors.

Hiten Thaker from Revolution has been on time for three weeks in a row now, and is looking for Marketing and Communication Managers.

James from Sayers Butterworth is looking for people that have been affected by the budget and need some accountancy advice.

David Coburn, BRXRegional Partner joined us and re-galled us with a funny story about a lady practising her presentation on the tube this morning. A tip for us all??

Alexis Garner-Miller from the Happiness Centreis looking for contacts in local councils to give work station assessments, on site massage and stress management. Alexis is particularly interested in Camden & Islington or Wandsworth councils.

George Seatter from Green Park Insuranceis looking for introducers (accountants of financial advisors).

Gerard Duggan from the Utility Warehouse Club is looking to save people money (save on average £850 pa). Gerard is looking for HR Managers & Directors to see if they can offer their services as a voluntary employment benefit.

Roy Duncan from RG Duncan Accountancy, looking for for private equity companies and venture capitalists.

Mike Nightingale from Green Park Insurance is looking for people who want to consolidate their insurance policies into one manageable policy, save them money and offer more cover.

Daniel Broadhead from Inon subbed for George Metcalf (Coach) who is looking for people who need direction in their life.

Chrissie Ballantyne from the Lemon Tree Company is looking for people wanting to invest in property abroad

Rebecca Hill subbed for Zoe Antin from Opus Telecom – Zoe is looking for companies with home workers or moving offices.

Michael Sinclair from China One Callis looking for companies needing Chinese translation services. Websites with pages translated into Chinese have a higher google ranking.

Karelia Scott-Daniels subbed for Kirsty Joly from Perfectly Tempered. Kirsty is looking for contacts in boutique hotels looking to offer bespoke handmade artisan choclates as turn down gifts or petit fours.

Craig Wiffen from JNFX is looking for companies needing foreqign exchange.

Sanjeev Shah from HSBC looking for start up companies needing banking facilities.

Mick from World Dive Centres– looking for companies who are developing large scale property sites to talk about section 106 spend (English?)

Sasha Krystova looks after website design to grow your business with a targeted audience.

Kym Erlichis an Estate Agent and is based in Belgravia – looking for buyers and sellers in Chelsea, Kensington and Knightsbridge.

Liz Ash is a personal shopper and stylist and has a referral system in plance for introducers – free half day and style advice.

Rebecca Hilloffers a bootcamp for the health care industry to increase their business.

Johnny Mindlin produces audio and video. Looking to meet games makers.

Karelia Scott-Daniels from Manse & Garrett is looking for intros into private banks.

Blogger – Louise Hassett (SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!!!!!!!!)

While the cats away…

*Want to win a free bottle of wine?* See Fiona’s request for help below…

In Mike Nightingale’s absence, Christian Engerslev, with his normal panache led our merry troupe this morning.

Christian Engerslev, from Danesoft had the following important information to impart. Ideally, our websites should be updated bi-monthly in order to ensure good Google ratings. This seems like an enormous task, but with the packages he provides this is something that is easy to facilitate yourself. He also provides companies with surveys, asking questions of their clients in order to understand what their market sector wants. Well provided for customers are happy bunnies and will always come back and buy more.

George Emsden from In2Consulting, wants to hold your hand and walk you through the “mish mash” of policies and small print to be found in insurance policies, especially for those persons dealing with redundancy insurance. He is particularly keen to help people plan for the future, particularly those suffering from cancer. Please do read his blog on the subject and pass on to those that might benefit from the information contained therein.

Hiten Thaker from Revolution Design did us proud with his 10 minute presentation. It is always fascinating to discover what a diverse range of clients he has and understand the detailed quality of his work. Revolution loves to work on the “funky Stuff” that revolves around Music and Lifestyle, but “there isn’t enough dosh” involved. He has worked for prestigious clients such as the NHS nationally and for different PCTs around the country. Microsoft is also a client. There is good business to be had from creating and designing power-point presentations and catalogue work. He would like introductions to Marketing and Communications Managers.

Caroline Hampstead, our resident wordsmith has recently been working in the IT and high tech industries. If you want to know about breast enhancement in simple easy to understand terms – she’s your girl! She writes impactful, memorable copy and this week is looking to be introduced to Marketing Directors in any industry sector who need their information disseminated in accessible and relevant ways.

Roy Duncan from RG Duncan didn’t pitch up this week, having left a message on our esteemed Chairman’s (temporary post) mobile, saying “I’m knackered” However, I do know that he is looking for a paraplanner (what ever that is) in North London or Herts area who is looking for a new challenge..

The HSBC baton was carried by Laura Firestone this week, who is looking for intros to new international customers, who trade abroad or in the UK or who want to use their Foreign Exchange facilities. Laura will be walking 26 miles for Breast Cancer UK this weekend. Energy tablets and blister plasters have been purchased – but what colour is her bra??? To support Laura in her endeavours please go to: and see the pics after the event..

Lewis Malka, from Joseph Sterling, hand crafts the most delicious pieces of jewelry, as evidenced by the “rock” handed round. He is keen to access those willing to host a “Gold Evening”. He will pitch up with a testing kit, scales and a cheque book. All you have to do is provide the guests who want to get rid of their old gold jewelry. “Think crap jewelry, think Lewis” (His quote, not mine!)

Treading the boards was Louise Hassett from Delfont Mackintosh Theatres. In charge of corporate hospitality & events for 7 theatres across London. She specifically mentioned Les Mis, what better than a fab night out with bubbles, canapés and chocolates? PS. Judi Dench is a lot shorter than you might have imagined, if indeed you have spent time pondering her height.

Alexis Garnaut-Miller from The Happiness Centre is marking 15 years trading at the Centre in West London. Practioners from the centre offer training to organisations that focus on stress management. She is particularly looking for introductions to HR managers in law and accountancy firms. “Their stress is our happiness”

Richard Houldsworth from Splatt Print has been working with the Museum of London on an exciting project. He has already had enquiries for Christmas brochures from hotels. He wants to meet companies that plan ahead or need help to plan forward so that he can imbue them with his passion and creativity.

Paul Marmor was representing Sherrards Solicitors.

Jamie Denham from Sliced Bread Animation has recently been working with companies launching new products, which is good to hear in today’s economic climate. Amongst those in his rosta of clients there is a toothbrush manufacturer, a satellite company, and a bank. He is currently looking to be introduced to branding agencies and marketing managers – across all industry sectors…

Kirsty Joly from Perfectly Tempered has taken her first Xmas order! Please let her know about any event managers, restaurants, housekeeping departments within hotels that would benefit from her scrumptious choccies, which also make great corporate gifts. Kirsty can be seen walking the wings of a plane this weekend, undoubtedly blessing all those beneath her – or perhaps showering them with chocolates

The dashing Des Sutton from Man Bytes Dog, provides corporate IT for the SME. He is currently offering a one hour free consultation that will provide an inventory of both hard and software. He will, in collaboration with the client, define what level of service they require, the benefits to be had and write a ½ page report. He is currently looking for companies interested in referral partnerships and his one hour free consultation.

Gavin Morton-Holmes from Destiny has signed a deal with the UK’s leading high street optician. He has saved their flagship store 600 hours per month! The cost saving benefits of using his pen are huge and this week he would like intros to High St. opticians, particularly Dollond & Aitchison.

Justin Beavis from World Dive Centres advises that this brilliant concept is growing, both in profile and presence and he continues working on projects in Dubai. They will also be acting as consultants to projects in Mexico and Tanzania, which will add to their fast growing consultancy arm of the business. He is currently interested to meet with persons in the construction and development arenas and also those involved in new leisure destinations

Zoe Antin from Opus Telecom offers a full telephony service, on line rental and cheaper call rates. She is looking for franchise opportunities and for those about to move offices.

Sally Brown from The Beauty Consultants Bureau is looking for leads into marketing and PR agencies in key cities across the UK. Her staff hand out leaflets, offer sampling personnel in stores – and they are even willing to provide staff in costume. She is looking for any clients in the retail field

Fiona Gale has relinquished her directorship of Only Connect Solutions and will now concentrate on her abiding passion and area of expertise which are the food and hospitality sectors. I will be sending you all my new CV, and would appreciate any suggestions as to how I might describe my services (Gavin, careful!) on my business cards. Essentially I will be involved in event management, food production and menu creation for fast food brands and restaurants, branding, merchandising and styling.

I cannot think of a descriptor for my new business cards. My name does not suffice as it will leave people wondering who the *beep* was she and what does she do!? All suggestions welcome, the winner will receive a good bottle of wine!

Fiona Gale

Making the most of your sub

On Friday regular sub Johnny Mindlin mentioned he’d written a document on ‘Making the most of your sub’ and in true Green Shoot style it also includes a podcast (its very entertaining!). Silly Summer season is fast approaching, and making the most of your sub while your off to sunnier climbs, ensures those referrals keep rolling.

Download the podcast here

MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR SUB by Johnny “The Sound Man” Mindlin

Top points:

  • Talk to your sub – it’s like a 1-2-1.
  • Make their script MORE focussed than your own.
  • Keep it short: 60 seconds = 150 words.
  • Choose only one aspect for them to talk about.
  • Write the script in the third person.

What’s the point?

BRX Members who can’t get to a breakfast with their group are encouraged to send someone along in their stead; a “sub”. As a fairly regular and experienced sub, I have come to realise that, for most people, this is a somewhat troublesome chore.


Having someone represent your company at a BRX breakfast is a fabulous opportunity to show another side of your business and even get what amounts to a third-party endorsement!

A sub who simply reads out something cut-and-pasted from your website could actually do more harm than good by trying to read out loud something intended for print, stumbling over words and missing the point entirely.


Talk to you sub. I know, I know, this is an outrageous suggestion but think of it as a short, telephone 1-2-1. If the sub actually knows something about your business, they are perfectly likely to have a referral for you themselves! Also if I, as a sub, read out your script and I actually KNOW something about you, I will be more convincing and, wonder of wonders, I may actually get you some referrals WITHOUT YOU BEING THERE!

What to write

Which brings me onto the point of the point of subs: To get you referrals!

Having spoken to the sub, send them a script for their (your) 60 seconds’ presentation. The script you send them needs to be more clear and focussed than if you were doing the 60 seconds yourself. Ask for a clear, specific type of referral in the script. Choose one (only ONE) type of ideal referral and put in a request for just that type.


60 seconds = 150 words

Or Less is More.

If you give your sub a 3-minute script (450 words) it will not all get read out and, if it is, the audience will get bored! So keep it succinct and simple.

You talkin’ ta me?

When you use a sub, there is simply no point trying to introduce your company to new members and guests. They will need your sparkling personality and/or pretty face in order to remember your business, so aim your script at the other regulars: ask for very specific referrals and KEEP IT BRIEF!

Look who’s talking!

I can’t pretend that I’m really you and no-one would be fooled if I tried. So write the script in the third person: go through it and change all the “I”, “we” and “us” to your company’s name or “they” as appropriate. If you do it well, it will sound like a testimonial!

If you do all the above you will get better service from your sub and we subs will be more willing to help you!

Thank you for your attention and your breakfasts!

Johnny “The Sound Man” Mindlin

The early bird

This week was an intimate affair with numbers slightly down due to the Bank Holiday weekend looming on the horizon. After tucking into some tasty grub we were off and running –

George Emsden from In2Consulting, and our resident money doctor, was looking to speak to employers where he would be able to save them money by wrapping individual policies into group policies and saving them up to half on cost!

Hiten Thaker from Revolution Design was once again on time, and gave us some insight on work he had conducted for a jewellery company. Their fresh approach had been in direct contrast to the previous company that had bid for it, and the customer was very appreciative.

Caroline Hampstead, the Word Magician and copywriter, had recently done some work for a very well known Healthcare company that had recently bought some gyms, and wanted professional copy on joined up healthcare. Caroline is looking to speak to Marketing Managers and Directors who have the same requirement.

Roy Duncan from RG Duncan was looking to speak to investors who had recently bought distressed companies and were looking to replace the resident financial team. RG Duncan is expert at recruiting accounting, financial and credit personnel.

The HSBC baton is with Sanjeev Shah this week, and he would like to speak to any companies that require card processing facilities for collecting money.

Paul Fitch from Sayers Butterworth rose from his chair and succinctly summed up Alistair Darling’s budget as a budget for jobs……that is accountant jobs from the additional red tape created! Paul is looking to speak to anyone earning between £100,000 and £113,000.

Our esteemed chairman, Mike Nightingale from Green Park Insurance, gave us insight into a 3 stage process for new customers. This involved an inventory service; a visit to their home, followed by a review and recommend. They would move over to an ongoing service. Mike is very keen to speak to high net worth individuals.

Lewis Malka, from Joseph Sterling, was our 10 minute man this week and gave us an entertaining peek at how he goes about crafting these beautiful rings. He also handed out some tools that wouldn’t go amiss at an Ann Summers party! Lewis was also looking for anyone who was looking to get rid of any unwanted gold.

Treading the boards was Louise Hassett from Delfont Mackintosh Theatres. In charge of corporate hospitality & events for 7 theatres across London, she is looking to speak to organisers of Red Letter Days.

Alexis Garnaut-Miller from The Happiness Centre is about to embark on a survey looking at alternative therapies which was last conducted in 2000. If you know any of the 50,000 practitioners or associations in the UK could you please let her know.

Richard Houldsworth from Splatt Print has just finished a print run for an events company that are organising an event for promoting cider to Swedish girls under the age of 22(this is what I have written down). They had previously been very let down so were pleased with the fantastic results. Richard would be very keen to speak to other Events companies.

Paul Marmor was representing Sherrards Solicitors.

Jamie Denham from Sliced Bread Animation was ably represented by Gavin Kalin. Jamie works in the world of high impact graphics and is looking for referrals to create animation for the web, interactive games, online & multimedia presentations and product visualisation. As well as brands and advertising agencies his company works with web designers, marketing and PR companies, training companies and architects.

Starting in the dulcet sounds of Mandarin(or was it Cantonese), Theresa from ChinaOneCall went on to tell us that her company can do written and oral translation work, and is looking for anyone doing business in the Chinese market.

Tinkering with our taste buds was Kirsty Joly the chocolatier from Perfectly Tempered. She had just received good feedback on chocolates she had made for a couple who were sending them to friends and family to announce the arrival of their new baby. Kirsty is looking for PR Agencies and wedding planners.

The dashing Des Sutton from Man Bytes Dog, explained that his company’s approach of “corporate IT for the SME” provides small companies with a reliable and secure IT infrastructure, ultimately improving productivity within their workplace. Des is looking to speak and partner with Accountant firms to offer a better level of IT support to their clients.

Joke of the day came from Gavin Morton-Holmes from Destiny Plc who was so worried about Swine Flu that he rang the NHS help line but all he got was crackling (Boom, boom). Gavin is looking to speak to NHS care trusts as his company’s digital pen technology would greatly decrease the amount of report writing required for care workers in the community.

Our only guest for the day was Gavin Kalin from Totally Theatre, the Travel Agents of the Theatre. For a minimal joining up fee, subscribers will get a free show, affiliate offers and will have access to a website that gives loads of useful background on the shows, the cast and reviews.

Blogger(or is that blagger?) of the week is Des Sutton.