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Are you a Freddie Flintoff?……..

With The Ashes on a knife edge at the time of the meeting, the country was looking to the likes of Freddie Flintoff to re-gain The Ashes for England. Companies also need their ‘Freddies’ to inspire and lead, and Zoe Hoult our resident HR practitioner has the skillset to ensure that your workplace is conducive to recruiting and keeping these individuals, while Jonathan Meuller, one of our many guests and subs, took up the same theme to explain that he works with Senior Management to uncover their hidden ‘Freddie’ attributes.

Cricket is a team game however, and the batting was in the following order –

Jamie Denham from Sliced Bread Animation has been busy working on 8 animated games that are due to come out over Christmas

Dr Nick Krasner explained that his methods in harnessing the power of the mind has helped professional sportspeople achieve success and also his methods work for beating depression. He is currently looking for a literary agent to help him with a book he is writing.

Roy Duncan from RG Duncan is a big fan of The Hotel Inspector and Anna Polizia (aren’t we all!!). One of the common problems encountered in these programmes
is lack of financial control within these organisations – Roy is looking for similar companies.

Daniel Broadhead stood in for George Metcalfe who is ‘probably’ the best Coach in the UK. Daniel himself is looking for Accountancy firms that want to communicate their value in ways other than a hourly rate.

Gavin Morton-Holmes stood in for Alexis from The Hapiness Centre.

Sanjeev’s new role as a Local Business Manager at the Regent Street branch of HSBC is going very well, and he is nurturing companies from start-up through to growing phase

Mick from Unvisited World is looking for empty Warehouse space for development

Jargon and acronyms are rife in the IT industry. Des Sutton from Man Bytes Dog Ltd can help to de-mystify this, and ensure that they apply the right solutions that increase productivity and reduce IT pain to small and growing businesses.

Richard Houldsworth explained that Splatt Print Ltd are a quality printing company with an online ordering process that shortens delivery leadtimes

Louise Hassett from Delfont-Mckintosh Theatres has been working recently with Baker Tilly and is looking for more accountant firms that would like to be culturally titillated through the medium of theatre

Mike Nightingale from Green Park Insurance gave us an account of how his Green Park’s high customer service meant that a client’s tee-off time at Celtic Manor was not delayed after a car accident in London

Christian Ingerslev from Danesoft is after HR and marketing companies that want websites that are easy to manage and give you control.

Caroline Hampstead was busy trying to come up with a title for a Arab magazine that is looking to re-brand itself.

Katherine Spode from the Business Advice Bureau, who was subbing for Mab Ayyub of Tancroft Ltd, has been recently working closely with a Pharmaceutical Practice company.

It was wonderful to see Lewis’ Mum standing in for the Hatton Garden Diamond Geezer.

Mike Jennings from Avenue UK is looking to speak to Financial Directors within the The Hotel and Charity sectors.

The 10 minute presenation was provided by Kirsty of Perfectly Tempered who gave us an interesting and inspiring history of her company from Start-up through to its present day. What really struck me was the determination and passion that Kirsty has shown since its conception.

Umpire for the day was Des Sutton.

Other London Networking Groups

*UPDATED* See Caroline’s Comment

Someone asked me on Friday what other London Networking groups there were about. A couple of years ago we used a 10-minute slot to compile a list (which is below). Please feel free to comment/ suggest others.

Business Link –
Aurora (women’s group)
The Women’s Company –
Business Junction –
Speed Networking –
Mingle Minded
London Chamber of Commerce –
Docklands Business Club –
Toastmasters –
PIM (People in media) –
Ecademy (online) –
LinkedIn (online) –
Xing/ OpenBC (online) –
Twitter –
Lunchworks –

Business networking in London :: Business Breakfast central London :: Networking events London

Fun Friday Networking

Well yet another exciting and bustling BRX Bond Street Breakfast Networking extravaganza. With our mighty Chairman – Mike Nightingale back in the hot-seat after 2 weeks in the sun, it was a corker – 61 referrals (He’ll have to go away more often me thinks!!)

Nigel Hakkak from Red Brick Financial kicked us off by telling us how he helps people with Mortgage advice – this week he’s looking for First Time Buyers to wow them with his offerings.

Richard Houldsworth from Splatt Print Limited is looking for Marketing Managers and Graphic Designers who are in need of a reliable and top class printer to work with. David Coburn our BRX Regional Partner is looking to start a new group over at St Paul’s / Chancery Lane and is looking for a venue in that area.

Mike Segall now of talked about his new offering of a 30 second radio advert for only £40 – they already have 5000 listeners. Paul Antonio (Louise Hassett’s guest) Told us about having the biggest range of Calligraphics in the UK…….. size isn’t every Paul!

Liz Ash
(Standing in for Kirsty Joly who is wing walking in Eastbourne – impressing the blue rinse brigade!) was looking for corporate events people to approach about her teaming up with Wine Chap Tom Harrow for amazing Wine & Chocolate Tasting events.

Jamie Denham from Sliced Bread Animation is looking for Publishers as there is a growing trend for trailers that he wants to get in to. Caroline Hampstead is looking for Marketing Managers as she managed to increase the average article reading time from 28 seconds to 1 minute and 45 seconds.

Diamond Geezer Lewis Malka ( showed us his large diamond and said he’s looking for newly engaged couples who need a ring or two! Alexis Garnaut Miller from The Happiness Centre is looking for HR Managers / Directors to offer stress management and work place assessments.

Cool Cat Coach wants to show you the way so is looking for people who need a little helping hand to get back direction in life and business. Anne from Asthma UK was subbing for Zoe Hoult who is looking for SME’s & Large companies that need her expert HR support.

Louise Hassett from Delfont Mackentosh Theatres is looking for corporate events managers looking to organize Christmas parties with bags of style.

Andrew Birch from Sayers Butterworth Accountants gave us both accountancy barrels in his 1 & 10 minutes – over the last 3/4 months he’s developed existing business as well as bringing in new business in these tough times from his corporate background (and for only half his normal fee) – now that’s what I call a good start!

Nadia was standing in for Paul Marmor representing Sherrards Solicitors. Sharon Ezra was standing in for Mab from Tancroft Communications who is looking to save people on roaming costs & anyone who has 3 – 6 months left on their mobile phone contract.

Mick from Unvisited World is looking for contacts in local authority housing development departments. Farhad Ghomizadeh was standing in for Sanjeev Shah from HSBC who is looking for businesses with a turnover of £500k to £5 million.

Anthony Luck (MD BRX) is looking for introductions to coaches and training professionals to help start new groups. Hiten Thaker (Revolution Creative Agency) is looking for people in the music industry who require promotional marketing branding & design.

Nilesh was standing in for George “The Money Doctor” Emsden who is looking for people who have cancer wanting help organizing their finances. Roy Duncan from RG Duncan Recruitment is looking for growing businesses that are in need of a financial assistant or controller.

Mike Nightingale
from Green Park Insurance is looking for professionals in the legal world who specialize in property. Liz Ash was looking for overseas visitors who want a shopping trip for their wives or families.

Anne Breary standing in for Zoe Hoult tells us about her charity employer They have a business advisory programme for this condition which affects 5 million people in the UK, causing the loss of 12 million working days each year.

Sharon Ezra (Product Designer) is looking for contacts who know Samantha Cameron (Creative Director). Nilesh from The Rent Back Company is looking for people who want to top up their pension with a £2 million property portfolio.

An animated book trailer

Just in case anyone was wondering what I was wittering on about yesterday, below is an example of an animated book trailer. This is the sort of thing Sliced Bread Animation would like to do and offer say 30 – 60 seconds at a fixed price to authors, agents or publishers. I’m guessing publishers would commission this type of thing, but any advice would be appreciated.

Lessons in business from a dealer

Thought i’d share this with the group, depsite the source, some very wise words:

“This is the second in a series of business tips from unusual sources. My interviewee, who’s chosen the name Wulf Sternhammer as his alias, plies his pills and thrills to party animals all around London. Here are his five business lessons from the underworld.”

Read here: Lessons in business from a drug dealer

I only eat what I kill……………

Am away for two weeks in Suffolk and have arranged Nelesh Kavia alias tony silver

to sub for me next week and Rob Worth who I know from my BNI Islington days the following week.

The Usual Suspects

August, Silly Season, Chairman Mike & others away on hols so Diamond Geezer Lewis Malka is in the chair. An actor client who stars in The Bill gives him a guided tour of the set after their wedding two weeks ago. Modesty prevents him from saying whether they were magic rings or not, but they are still married 🙂 Mentions he would like an intro to Davina McCall of Big Brother which makes him nervous for a different reason.

Master Coach explains coaching with an analogy from his military career mentioning a pin-up and map grid. With a map you know where you are to start with and where you want to be – and the pin-up (who was she George?) improved the attention span of the young soldiers considerably. Makes you wonder what would the pin-up be if the soldiers or audience was female. Feedback welcome from the ladies here.

Nigel Hakkak our mortgage broker wants people who are with the Halifax so he can get them a better deal while litigator Paul Marmor of Sherrards would like referrrals for people involved in disputes.

Anne Breary standing in for Mike Nightingale does not have his 60 seconds so tells us about her charity employer They have a business advisory programme for this condition which affects 5 million people in the UK, causing the loss of 12 million working days each year. In the same vein, Alexis of wants to help people who develop lower- and mid-backache induced by trying to get everything done before the holidays.

Roy’s 10th 10 minutes in his 5 years at BRX Bond Street covers his interesting career starting at age 17 building up a taxi business, changing at age 23 to driving a driving a lorry and then taking a physically easier option of university and qualifying as an accountant. His marketing degree and experience with recruitment show him a better way of doing things bringing him to his present position where he looks after companies with turnovers ranging from a £500,000 to £1 billion. USP is a 3 month no quibble guarantee if the appointment doesn’t work. This has only been called upon once and the client had a refund after 24 hours.

Mike Segall now of mentions that 400,000 people are in “debt management” whereas the potential market is 4 million. Appeared on his Sunday “Talking Business” progamme which was great fun. Mentioning that you have been on radio goes down well with clients.