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If Carlsberg organised business breakfast networks . . .

If Carlsberg organised business breakfasts networks . . .

Now that we are into October and the mornings are darker and colder it is the warm welcome from friends and colleagues at BRX Bond Street seems to be more important than ever. For those of us who make the effort we are always rewarded by connections, leads and introductions plus the support, knowledge and experience of a group of professionals who are all dedicated to high standards of service. What more could you ask?

For those who cannot brave the elements, our latest member Roy Block offers top quality suits (at discount prices) to your door. Weather is not the only thing to dread in October. Andrew Burch of Sayers of Butterworth Chartered Accountants reminded us that if we are submitting our tax return for 2008/09 by post then it must arrive by 31st October to avoid penalties. Things financial are never far from the agenda and George Emsden of In2Consulting wants to meet people who are in nursing homes and need to think about how to structure their finances in the autumn and winter years.

If you are still building your life and business, you may need to talk to HSBC which was represented by Farhad Ghomizadeh. Farhad looks after clients with turnovers of £500,000 and over. Lending at HSBC has increased and he wishes to find more business borrowers. For companies thinking of asking the bank for a loan they will need to demonstrate that they have strong financial control within their business. That is where Roy Duncan can help – that’s me. RG Duncan Accountancy Recruitment would like to meet companies who need to appoint a strong Financial Controller to keep their business on track.

Paul Marmor presented Sherrards solicitors to the group.

Mike Nightingale of Green Park Insurance Services has reminded us of the trials and tribulations of having lots of valuable assets. What happens if they get stolen or damaged? Can you be sure you will be properly compensated? One meeting with Mike can take that worry of your shoulders. For most our home is our most valuable asset and our guest Brad Alexander a carpenter whose company Alexander Tate Joinery is relocating from Spain can assist you with all the renovations and improvements.

Speaking of assets, Lewis Malka our diamond geezer wants to meet ladies’ networks to set up gold parties for people to exchange their gold for cash. He pays much more that can be obtained from conventional means.

Always involved with the rich and famous is Karelia Scott-Daniels from Manse and Garrett Property Search who read out a testimonial from a very happy client for whom she located their ideal property well below budget. Karelia was subbing for Jamie Denman of Slice Bread Animation who wants to meet anyone who needs high impact graphics.

Freshly back from another trip to Dubai was consultant and entrepreneur, Justin Beavis of Unvisited World who wants to meet contacts in the leisure and recreational sector. Another entrepreneur in our group is Alexis Garnaut-Miller who promotes happiness through her chain of health and wellbeing clinics. Alexis wishes to meet someone at Sony Ericson.

For those who want mental health in their life and relationships they should talk to George Metcalfe – probably the best coach in the world . . . Quoting from Voltaire, about worrying and going over about past decisions, George reminded us not to worry about the things that we didn’t do, but to concentrate on current matters. He wants to meet anyone who has issues with this and need some help to refocus.

Not necessarily healthy, but good for wellbeing are chocolates from Kirsty Jolly of Perfectly Tempered who is now something of a celebrity appearing in magazines and in the media. This week Kirsty was represented by Dexter Moscow who is also a celebrity regularly appearing on QVC shopping channel. Dexter advocates modelling your sales pitch on the QVC version which has proven results.

Richard Houldsworth from Splatt Print who already owns 2 printing companies is part of the creative/communications team at Bond Street. He wants introduction to bars so he can print their flyer and leaflets. Other members of the creative team are Caroline Hampstead who is a Copy Writer who wishes introductions to companies who require newsletters designed. Talking about communications, websites on mobile phones are the latest ‘must have’ according to Christian Ingerslev of Danesoft. Christian would like introductions to companies who want their web site to become mobile phone compliant.

If you are on the move, Mab Ayuub of Tancroft Communications can resolve all of your communication issues. He was eloquently represented this week by Roger Harding of Utility Warehouse who can help you save money on almost anything from telephone charges and electricity to High Street shopping.

Also on the creative team is Hiten Thaker of Revolution Creative Agency who was represented this week by Johnny Midlin the sound man. Johnny specialises the in creation pod-casts which can be added to your web site. Also in the communication business is Mike Segal who represents Jnet Radio which currently has great offers on advertising. Mike invites you to join his show as his guest on a Sunday afternoon and this Sunday it will be me! If radio shows are not your bag, then you may prefer to visit the theatre and be entertained by Louise Hassett of Delfont Macintosh Theatres. Louise would like to meet celebrities (A. B or C list or wannabes) to attend a show with champagne and a private tour.

Instead of a speaker, this week’s ten minute slot was a brainstorming session which identified potential new members representing key disciplines such as: HR Consultant, Architect, Surveyor, Commercial/Building maintenance contractor, Travel Agent and others. Other sectors include Serviced Office Manager, Turnaround Specialist and a Management Consultant. Only one prerequisite though – they have to be good at what they do! BRX Bond Street – onwards and upwards!

I f Carlsberg organised business breakfast networks . . .

MBD Seminar – Your IT questions answered

Six speakers will give insight into topical IT areas and focus on when they should be applied to offer maximum benefit.

Also, over a spot of lunch you will be able to mix with our customers and other attendees for a bit of networking.

If you can think of anyone else who would gain from attending then please register them at the same time as yourselves.

Seminar Date: 13th November 11am – 2pm (lunch included)

Registration details –

Normal service is resumed

Firstly a big thank you to Richard Houldsworth from Splatt Print and Lewis Malka of Joseph Sterling for chairing BRX Bond Street in my absence. No I didn’t just fancy a lay in I was actually working, well sort of. Week one I found myself in the Channel Islands ,on Sark to be exact. Green Park Insurance Services gets around a bit you know, our private client portfolio policies know no geographical boundaries. The second Friday I was actually golfing with a group of Pals, of course networking at the same time. I am told by the group Lewis and Richard did a great job, cheers chaps.

So what sort of things happened at this weeks meeting at the RAF Club on Piccadilly, the home of BRX Bond Street. Following a rousing reception for yours truly, Mike Nightingale, well a small ripple of applause actually, we kicked off with Christmas. Christain Ingerslev from Danesoft, the groups social secretary, announced this years Bond Street Xmas bash will take place on the 10th December at 6.30pm in Soho. Full details to follow, “its a surprise” we were told!! That reminds me whilst the group will fund the majority of the cost, members need to stump up £20, Christian will deal. Lousie Hassett from Delfont Mackintosh Theatres did a great job standing in for Kristy Joly from Perfectly Tempered. Lousie introduced our guests and members substitutes and a wonderful job of it she made. On that point BRX Bond Street is always on the look out for exciting new members to join what is already a fantastically successful networking group. We actively invite potential new members to visit us for a few weeks, get to know the members, get a taste of what BRX is all about before committing. Trust me, once you have seen our referral round where we all pass business you’ll be hooked.

Do you work in the following fields: Interior design, architecture, estate agency, project management, design & build, photography, solvency practitioners, private equity, venture capitalists, management consultancy. These are just a few of the occupations Bond Street are actively seeking to join our merry gathering.

On with Friday’s meeting. Following a great 60 sec round we were entertained by Mr Roy Block from Suits To Your Door. Roy is a discount Suit supplier. He transformed the RAF club in to London fashion week by having all the chaps model his latest suits and coats. I thought we all looked very dapper and did his fashions justice. Actually its was Roy’s suits and his eye for detail that made us look good, believe me. 36 Referrals were passed this week which pays testament to the great job we all do for each other in promoting one another’s businesses throughout the week.

When a Nightingale flew

As our Chairman Mike Nightingale was enjoying his holiday, Lewis Malka was honoured to carry the batton for the morning.

As usual, guests and subs were introduced before we started with our 60 second round.

George Metcalfe – Coach

Mentioned that we are all each others sales force and that when we promote George, we should know that we can recommend him and feel safe “The coach that will not let you down”

Mab Ayyub – Tancroft Mobile Solutions

Mab is looking for anything that has to do with mobile telephony. Specifically he is today looking for people with caravans, and other mobile homes.

Paul Marmor presented Sherrards solicitors to the group

Kirsty Joly – Chocolatier, presented by sub Karelia Scott-Daniels

Karelia is buying loads of chocolate from Kirsty and strongly recommends her products. Kirsty is looking for people who are thinking of X-mas gifts to their clients as well as hoteliers.

David Coburn – Regional Partner, BRX
David is starting a new BRX group in north London and is looking for a solicitor for this new group.

Richard Houldsworth, Splatt Print
Our resident printer is looking for companies that want to print brochures quickly, at a good price – even for low unit numbers. He would like referrals for people who are printing their handbooks.

Roy Duncan – RG Duncan Accountancy Recruitment

Roy provides account teams for all size companies. From Start-ups to large corporate companies. He provides qualified people that will make things happen.

Fiona Gale – Unvisited World
Fiona is the new Corporate Hospitality Director for Unvisited World and is now working for Justin Beavis. Off to Dubai after the meeting to study a shopping mall. Wonder if she comes back.

Louise Hassett – Delfont Mcintoch Theatres
Louise is fresh back from her honey moon, and in a bit of a conundrum about her last name. She will soon decide what it will be. She is looking for corporate clients who want to entertain their clients to a different night out.

Lewis Malka – jeweller supreme and stand in chairman

Lewis was stressing the importance of having a proper insurance valuation on your jewellery. He is happy to assist with such an evaluation and said that it is smart to get this done BEFORE you get burgled.

Nigel Hakkak – Redbrick Finance – Mortgage Broker.

Nigel provides speedy service for new homes. He arranged a mortgage for a client in one week, so personal and quick service.

Mike Nightingale – Green Park Insurance – stand in David B
Often people feel their insurance costs are bigger than they ought to be, and this is where Mike can help. He will ensure it is a one stop shop where you get properly insured at a great price.

Roy Block – resident tailor – Suits to your door

Roy brings suits to your home where you can try and discuss to ensure that you get the right fit and right cut. All important in a world where you want to look the part.

Sanjeev Shah – HSBC Bank

Sanjeev told us about what HSBC can offer their customers and told us that he would be happy to look after anyone who is not happy with their current bank.

Des Sutton – Man Bites Dog – IT services

Des told about a customer who’s PC blew up at 9.45. By 13.00 the same day, the customer was up and running with all his normal programs working exactly as they were before. Des is looking for IFA’s This specific request led to 7 referals.

Christian Ingerslev – Danesoft – websites, surveys and mobile web-sites

Christian told us about what is important with a survey as well as mobile web-sites. The trend is that mobile web-sites will overtake normal PC web-sites within the near future. Christian is looking for contacts in the restaurant and hotel business.

Mike Segal – JNET Radio

Newly launched JNET radio is an internet radio with a jewish twist. Mike told us that JNET is just past stage one – which is to get online. Stage two is when they are happy with the standard (which they are now) and stage three is just taking off – which is to get advertisers. Currently they are running great opportunities which are less than £4 for 30sec slot.

Caroline Hampstead – copywriter

Caroline just won an radio award for one of her advertising copies. This is just again an example of the excellent work Caroline is doing. She is looking for advertising agencies

Jamie Denham – Sliced Bread Animation – sub is Birdie Cunningham
Jamie is very busy and has just launched a new on line game for Argos. Toy Tester Game

Hiten Thaker – Revolution Design Agency

Hiten told us about the importance of making sure that your new brochure is targeting your clients, furthermore it is important that it looks good and has an impact. The same rules apply for business cards. Let people know what it is you are promoting.

George Emsden – In2Consulting – IFA

George is looking for contacts to terminally ill people. He is specialising in this niche because they are often overlooked. He is a great money doctor and blogs heavily.

Paul Ffitch – Sayers Butterworth – Accountants

If you want to pay less tax – Paul can help you. He was promoting a new plan for partnerships where they can reduce their tax bill drastically. For more information about this, you have to contact Paul.

The 10 minute presentation was by Louise Hassett – Malpas. Her newly married status created some issues with her last name. She is confused about what her last name should be.

Louise told us about her back ground in the hotel industry before she went to Delfont McIntoch Theatres. She loves to go the “extra mile” to make customers feel special. (as a recipient of her services, we can all certainly confirm that this is the case).

Louise offers 3 levels of hospitality, from the simple champagne reception to a full dinner, meet the cast version.

Louise is looking for
· People who loves theatre
· Entertain clients
· Works for or in a concierge service
· Works for a travel agency
· Are event planners

After the 10 minute presentation and a short break our referral session took place with 39 leads. Des Sutton received 7 as a result of a very specific request.

Other – It was announced that the X-mas dinner take place on the 10th December

Sliced Bread game for Argos launched . . .

I thought you’d all be interested to know that our game for Argos is now launched! Argos have recently launched this Sliced Bread created game (client: Meteorite) to coincide with their ‘Toy Tester for Year‘ competition and ‘Big Play’ Roadshows. The game has 3 competency zones, each with 4 playable levels. Players can also invite their friends to join them in mini high scoreboards. You can play the game here.

I’m Angus and this is my awesome Toy Testing factory. It’s my job to make sure all the toys are off the Fun-o-meter scale! But there are so many great toys here, I need another Toy Tester to help me. So let’s see if you’re up to the job. Collect as many toys as possible from the Big Play Area zones – the clock is ticking!