Creating your personal mission statement

George Metcalfe, the UK’s (and probably the world’s) top business coach and life coach, gave us an enthralling 10 minute presentation today on creating your personal mission statement – the key points of which George has summarised below. While people often create a mission statement for their business, they rarely do so for their own life – yet doing so can make you a happier, more effective human being:

Personal Mission Statement

A personal mission statement provides you with a clear outline of what you would really like to do. Based on your principles, it becomes your standard, provides you with a personal constitution, and a basis for how you live your life. It is unique to you and identifies the deepest and best within you. Producing a personal mission statement helps you identify your unique gifts and talents, and deals with all the significant roles in your life. It also embraces our fundamental human needs – physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It encompasses such issues as:

  • What would I really like to be and do in my life?
  • How would I like to be remembered at the end of my life?
  • If I had unlimited time and resources, what would I do?
  • What is most important to me?
  • What do I feel are my greatest strengths?

The content of your Mission Statement

There are three key areas to identify.

1) Your overall aims in life, including your values. This will help you create a meaningful, purposeful statement, which provides clarification of how you want to live your life, direction for the future, and the motivation to work towards it.

2) Your specific roles that you need to adopt in order to live out your mission.

3) The specific goals and actions you need to take in order to create your mission. These need to have a timescale attached to them, in order to make them real.

If you were going to start up a new business, you would want a plan or blueprint to work from. In the same way, if you want to build a better life for yourself or change things, then it’s a good idea to review where you are in life and take time to assess your situation. From there, you can work out how you want to live your life, and start to plan a course of action to achieve what you desire.

Your personal mission statement is unique to you, and therefore, you can construct in whatever way you choose. However, it is recommended that you include information about your values, which are at the core of how you live your life and address the issues/questions that are identified in this document.

Identifying your current values

We all live our lives by values, and it is important to recognise those values. If you are to fulfil your mission, then you need to live by values which are congruent to the things that you want to achieve.

Clarifying your values creates a basic structure upon which you can build your personal life, your career our business and other important aspects of our life.Look at the list below of personal values, and then identify your top ten. Alternatively, choose your own.

  • Development of skills and talents
  • Knowledge
  • Special interests
  • Hobbies
  • Spiritual contributions
  • Humanitarian contributions
  • Environmental contributions
  • Life balance
  • Sense of purpose

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