When and where are meetings held?

The meetings are held weekly at the RAF Club, 128 Piccadilly, London Piccadilly, W1J 7PY, every Friday from 7.15-9am. View Map


How much does it cost?

We ask visitors for a fee of £25 to cover the cost of the venue and a full English or Continental breakfast. Should you go on to join, as well as the cost of breakfast you will also be asked to pay an annual membership fee to BRX.


What do I do if I wish to visit?

Please call David Coburn on 07860 162610 or email him at david.coburn@brxnet.co.uk. As BRX Regional Partner for Central London, David will also be pleased to answer any questions. Alternatively, if you know any group members personally let them know and they will arrange for you to attend as a visitor.


Can anyone visit?

We welcome any business professional, company or organisation to try out a meeting as long as their profession is not already represented within the group. Current BRX Bond Street members range from large organisations to SMEs and individuals.


What is the format of the meeting?

Each meeting starts with informal networking. This is followed by a ’60 second round’ where each person has a minute to tell the group about their business and who they’d like to be introduced to; a 10 minute presentation where we learn more about one particular member’s business; and the referral round where members get the opportunity to give referrals and leads to each other.


Do I need to bring anything?

In addition to the £25 fee for the breakfast, do remember to bring plenty of business cards.


Do I need to prepare anything?

You will be given 60 seconds to describe your business to the group and, most importantly, the sorts of referrals that you would like to receive. We have a ‘prompt’ board to help visitors with their 60s, but to get the most out of your visit we suggest thinking about your 60s beforehand and in particular the introductions (whether general eg ‘HR managers’ or ‘private banks’, or named organisations and individuals) you would like to ask for.


How many times can I attend as a visitor?

You can attend BRX Bond Street as a visitor for a maximum of 2/3 times – people will often bring a colleague on a second visit to help them decide if Bond Street is right for their business.


Why do you only allow one person per profession?

It means there is no conflict or confusion in who to pass referrals to. If your profession is already represented within our group David Coburn will be happy to suggest other London BRX groups you can visit/join.


Are members expected to attend every week?

We encourage regular attendance because we believe this is important to building relationships and enables members to get the most value from the group. However when you cannot attend you can send a ‘sub’ in your place – typically someone else from your company, or a business acquaintance or client or friend (David and the group’s membership co-ordinator can also arrange subs for members). A ‘sub’ covers your 60s as well as their own which means you are always represented.


Can I have a joint membership with a colleague?

It may be possible for you and a colleague (same company and profession) to join as a team, alternating attendance. This is something that should be discussed with David Coburn as part of your membership discussion.


Are members allowed to attend other networking groups?

We positively encourage our members to go to other networking groups and events, because we believe by building up their networks in this way they ultimately benefit the group with more diverse referrals and introductions. Bond Street has a reputation of numbering some of the capital’s top networkers amongst its members, and groups our members go to include the London Chamber of Commerce, the Institute of Directors (IoD), Athena, Toastmasters, NRG, The Kensington and Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, The Danish Club, British American Business, In and Around Covent Garden,The Alliott Group plus many more.


How does BRX Bond Street differ from other London networking groups and events?

While large one-off events, informal networking groups and industry-specific networking can all provide good business opportunities – indeed many of our members attend them – BRX Bond Street’s weekly structured breakfast meetings between like-minded regular attendees are very effective at fostering the sort of strong professional relationships that, over time, result in good quality business leads. Networking in this way means that as well as the possibility of doing business directly with other members, once they feel they know you and your business well enough, they are likely to feel comfortable referring you to their network of clients, colleagues, business contacts, friends and family. So while your target clients may not be in the room they are likely to feature somewhere in our members’ personal networks.

Meetings are conducted in a professional but relaxed and reasonably informal atmosphere: we don’t pressurise members to give referrals – because we’d rather have fewer genuine, high quality referrals than ’empty’ referrals that simply waste people’s time; and we don’t pressurise visitors to join – we believe you can make up your own mind if BRX networking will work for you. Bond Street is renowned as a particularly pro-active BRX group, from holding special meetings with outside speakers such as our recent LinkedIn workshop, to having lively social events such as last year’s day trip to Paris and a recent visit to the Comedy Store.


Can anyone join BRX Bond Street?

No. Anyone can apply to join, but each application is judged individually on whether there is a good fit between the prospective member and the group. A diverse, international and dynamic group, we look for professionals and businesses who are leaders in their field and have energy and commitment.