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Tailor-made Insurance

For most of us, our homes, contents, valuables, cars and other treasured possessions are our main assets so it is important that they are properly protected. However, when it comes to making sure that our assets are protected adequately, many people rely on standard policies and make their purchasing decisions based upon price or inertia. The potential mismatch of needs and cover that can arise from policies arranged through price comparison web pages, for instance, can result in clients being prejudiced and not having claims settled to their expectations.

Be honest: how often have you guessed at the sums insured you should cover, or fitted your requirements into an “off the peg” solution, because you are not being properly advised or don’t really understand the subject?

Green Park Insurance Services provide specialist insurance advice. We assess what your insurance needs are so that they can be exactly matched. Very often a personal visit to a client’s home is helpful to secure a truly accurate impression of what cover is required and what is not. It is important in providing the peace of mind of knowing that your needs have been assessed and addressed by an industry professional and you are not paying for policy features you do not need, or suffering gaps in your cover. Very often a proper review such as this can result in a lower premium and higher, more appropriate cover.

Portfolio approach

In addition, it is common for people to approach insurance in a ‘piecemeal’ manner, insuring each asset individually. We often find that this can cause issues such as:

  • Mountains of paperwork – do you know where all your documentation is?
  • Increased administration – how much time do you spend arranging your renewals across the year?
  • Several renewal dates – we have seen clients miss renewal dates, and even insure the same car twice!
  • Confusion over contacts – when making amendments, who do you call?
  • Overlaps in cover – if you have 2 properties, which policy would you claim from if you have a contents loss?
  • Continuity (or lack of) – if you make a claim on one policy, or receive speeding points etc, it is common to forget to inform all insurers, which is vital to ensure you comply with their requirement for all material facts to be disclosed.
  • Claims – In an emergency, could you find the right number?

We can often take a portfolio approach by coordinating one policy for house, contents, art, antiques, valuables, motor, boats, travel and investment properties under one plan. Imagine, one policy and one renewal date, looked after by one client manager, rather than multiple renewal documents appearing on your doormat at various times of the year!

Call in the experts

Private insurances can appear deceptively straightforward, but they can be extremely complex, particularly where more affluent individuals’ wealth has resulted in potentially unusual circumstances. We work to take over that burden and make life easier for clients and have particular expertise in the removal of unnecessary exclusion clauses. Also, as a truly independent broker, Green Park Insurance has access to all of the leading insurers in the private client sector and know them and their approach to clients well.

If you are happy for us to provide a free, no obligation, insurance audit please contact us by telephone or email.