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Email:  lottiekent@riverside-consultants.com

Pensions, investments, estate and inheritance tax planning, protection

Lottie is passionate about helping people establish and achieve their long term life and financial objectives by providing a service in three simple steps:

►Understanding you, your goals and objectives

►Creating a bespoke and holistic solution

►Providing peace of mind on an ongoing basis

Following Lottie’s maths degree, she wanted to combine her passion for working with people and the skills that three years studying maths provided her with.

We are all very busy people and the last thing most of us have time for is to look after our own finances.  Whether it is:

  • utilising our NISA or pension allowance, or
  • losing sleep about protecting our family’s or business’ if something happens to us, or
  • How to pass our estate down to our loved ones in the most tax efficient way

Everyone thinks you need to have a lot of “ready to invest” money to see a finance professional, or be experiencing a life changing event, but this is not the case – as a holistic Financial Consultant/Adviser/Planner; Lottie knows value can be added at any stage of life.

When Lottie is not working she enjoys keeping fit as she is a keen runner and gym goer.  Lottie also likes taking part in challenges in order to raise money for people less fortunate than ourselves.